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Circular Block Reinventing the Mikrorayon

2nd place

“You have 20 new likes today!” 

“You have 3 new followers!”

“Rate your courier!”

“You have unlocked a new level!”

“You’re almost there, keep going!”

“Don’t miss it!”

These kinds of messages have been part of our everyday life for some time already, feeding us with  feelings of comfort and security which make us feel important but also addicted to it. This addiction is used as a power to start the game called SUPER NEIGHBOUR. We have reached a point where other measures of trying to push people to move towards more sustainable lifestyles have proven to be insufficient. Therefore, we have stopped trying to convince, but rather to distract and entertain whilst fulfilling our goals in the shadows. This game helps to make the environmental shift at first on a personal level by circulating elements in a scoring system. This in turn starts to form an efficient and green urban block. 





A game starts with individual players who can form a community at one point. Anyone living in Lasnamäe can participate in the game. 



The aim of the players’ is to earn a score and thus keep a balance on their personal chart. Neighbours with best scores can form a community and start to improve their local area on a bigger scale. The greatest scores are earned by establishing high efficiency urban life. 



Every player has a set of elements including an apartment, a parking lot and a space on a roof. The game starts within the environment of current Lasnamägi where the space has been divided into parts waiting to be filled with urban elements.



Players start to gain points and create a more efficient environment by making green decisions with their elements. Elements could be either exchanged among players or be rewarded from the local government. 

co-authors:  Ann Kristiin Entson / Helena Rummo/ Sten Vendik / Elina Liiva

 exhibition: TAB 22 Vision competition 

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