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3rd year autumn semester project 2016

The new government building is located in the park behind Jõhvi’s County Government building. The location motivated us to create our building named in-be-tree.

The park is one of the two green zones in the city, but the only one in the centre. And a very important park for the inhabitants. A place to meet, sport, play, relax.

The form of our building comes from the negative space of the trees in the park including the view corridor to the church, the playground and the sidewalks.

The purpose of the park is to be in connection with the government building. The see-through holes from the inside garden to the park represents that. In the meantime you can enjoy the view of the park, sitting down or taking time off.

The government building consists of two parts – the lower part, where the offices and open workspace are located, is externally more solid which reflects from the rhythm of the windows on the facade. The inside program on the lower floors are divided into 3 zones – closed offices, open office and walking area. 


co-author    Lien Clyncke

supervisors  Kalle Komissaarov / Karli Luik


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