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3rd Year spring semester studio 2017

Baltic Oasis - Environment building 

Interspace is the space between two related body parts whether void or filled by another kind of structure. 


The project is divided into three parts of the Ministry of the Environment building, based on the structure: an office block, a conference and museum area, and a start-up and workshop area.

Functional interspace is formed between the parts of the building where all the important functions are located: light corridor, circulation, meeting rooms, kitchens, entrance areas. The interspace is not just a space to reach from one part of the building to another, it is the most liveliest and most used part of the building. It creates a perfectly quiet atmosphere.

The interspace creates a new office space where the shape of room separates working areas naturally. The room acts as a natural noise suppressor and produces larger and smaller varieties of different shapes that create a number of variable working spaces.

co-author   Ann Kristiin Entson

supervisors  Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam,  

                   Bernard Sommer, Galo Moncayo


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