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1st year project 2015


We have designed and created READER, a shelter based on the concept of removal from daily life, and focusing on oneself. Passers-by are invited to enter the shelter and “escape from the real world of problems into the fictional world of books.” And for those who don’t have a book on hand, the structure is meant to evoke the pages of a book through its ribbed wooden structure.

READER was constructed over the course of five days out of pine plywood panels, “with the inner winding path formed [from] spruce logs between the panels. The whole construction stands on three beams supported by nine adjustable legs on the ground.”

From the outside, READER appears to be a basic cube; but upon entry, visitors experience the undulating cave-like contours, all with a clear view of the street outside. 


project's authors  Keiti Lige / Jarmo Vaik /

                            Ann Kristiin Entson

idea author          Liisa Peri

builders               1st year students 2015

supervisor              Jaan Tiidemann

photos                   Paco Ulman

                            Ott Alver

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