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European Architecture Student Assembly (EASA) is an international voluntary network of architecture students, whose goal is the free exchange of ideas and to cultivate more radical architectural practices. The summer school gathers around 600 architecture students from over 50 nationalities and more than 250 architecture schools from around Europe for two weeks to take part in workshops, lectures, networking and experimenting in the field of architecture. The core of the event is from student to student learning, where young architects have an open platform to discuss and experiment in their field and self-aware in their profession.

( EASA, )

In EASA VOGUE workshop we capture over 500 easans  in beautiful Switzerland landscape and asked 4 questions:

1. What is your favourite part of you?

2. What do you always carry with you in EASA?

3.What did you lose or find in EASA?

4. How do you feel at moment?

team   Alice Chateland / Iveta Dovena,

           Tuulia Kivistö / Andjela Miscovic,

           Evelina Bujorean / Yana Sokoolova,

           Victoria Yedigaryan / Keiti Lige

tutors   Madhi Biagioli / Luis Hilti /

            Benjamin Schmid-Lanz 

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